Loading Pre-Compiled (QOF) Files

It is possible to pre-compile files that you use frequently so that they can be rapidly loaded whenever needed. See sap-srs-bas-cld for information on how to create such files. The standard naming convention is that the compiled file corresponding to a source file called myfile.pl is myfile.qof. If you use this convention, then the command

     | ?- [myfile].

is appropriate: it loads either myfile.pl or myfile.qof, using the more recent of the two if they both exist. Please note: you should not also have a file called just myfile, without any extension, since this will take precedence over the .pl and the .qof files.

If you have several files to load, then you can use, for example:

     | ?- [file1,file2,file3].

That is, a list of files typed as a goal is a command to load those files.