#include <quintus/quintus.h>
     QP_stream *QP_fdopen(fildes, type)
     int   fildes;
     char *type;

Associates a stream with the file descriptor files. File descriptors are obtained from system calls like open(2V), dup(2), creat(2), or pipe(2), which open files but do not return streams. Streams are necessary input for many of the system functions. The type of the stream must agree with the mode of the open file.

QP_fdopen() is similar to the library function fdopen(3V), however the return values differ and the normal return value is a Prolog stream rather than a stdio stream.

Return Value

If function succeeds

See Ablso

QP_fclose(), QP_fopen(), QP_prepare_stream/[3,4] fli-ios