#include <quintus/quintus.h>
     int QP_term_type(term)
     QP_term_ref term;

Tests the type of Prolog terms in C.


QP_term_type() returns the type of a Prolog term that is passed to it as argument. The returned value is one of the following constants defined in the file <quintus/quintus.h>: QP_VARIABLE, QP_INTEGER, QP_ATOM, QP_FLOAT or QP_COMPOUND.


print_type() is a C function that prints the type of the Prolog term passed to it.

foreign(print_type, c, print_type(+term)).
#include <quintus/quintus.h> void print_type(term) QP_term_ref term; { switch (QP_term_type(term)) { case QP_VARIABLE: QP_printf("Term is a variable\n"); break; case QP_INTEGER: QP_printf("Term is an integer\n"); break; case QP_FLOAT: QP_printf("Term is a float\n"); break; case QP_ATOM: QP_printf("Term is an atom\n"); break; case QP_COMPOUND: if (QP_is_list(term)) { QP_printf("Term is a list\n"); } else { QP_printf("Term is a compound term\n"); } break; } }

See Also

QP_is_*(), QP_get_*(), QP_put_*(), QP_new_term_ref()