Environment Variables

This section lists the environment variables that can be used to customize your Prolog/Emacs environment. There are up to three environment variables that need to be set before either the Emacs interface can be invoked. They are:

the name of the Emacs executable. If this is unset Quintus Prolog will try to invoke emacs, which then must be in your path.
the full name of the Emacs-Lisp directories. These directories contain the Lisp code for the GNU Emacs interface, which is supplied with your Quintus Prolog distribution. If using prolog + or QUI, the QUINTUS_LISP_PATH environment variable need be set only if you choose to use a different version of the interface or if the interface has been moved to a different location at your site.
the full name of the Quintus Prolog executable. You need to set this variable only when you want to start Quintus Prolog from within GNU Emacs.

It is set automatically if you load qp-setup.el into emacs.

We recommend that you set these environment variables in your shell initialization file (.cshrc if you use the C shell csh(1)).