Line Border Code
     open/4 option:  end_of_line(LineBorder)
     QP_stream:      int line_border

The line_border field can be any integer greater than or equal to QP_NOLB (-1). If the value is QP_NOLB, there is no line border code for the stream.

For an input stream, the line border code is the value to be returned in getting a character when a stream is positioned at the end of a record. (Notice that if the stream is a delimited record format stream, the delimited character has already been removed.) If there is no line border code, the first character in the next record is returned at the end of a record. Writing the line border code (i.e. with put/[1,2]) to an output stream signals the end of the current record. Instead of writing out the line border code, the record is appropriately wrapped up based on the format of the stream, and the wrapped record is handed to the bottom layer write function of the stream. This is just like a new line operation on the stream (e.g. nl/[0,1] or QP_newln()).