Bibliographical Notes

There are now a number of excellent books that teach Prolog. The following six books offer fully comprehensive courses in Prolog.

Programming in Prolog
William Clocksin and Christopher Mellish, Springer Verlag 1987, (third edition), ISBN 0-387-17539-3.
Prolog: A Logical Approach
Tony Dodd, Oxford University Press 1990, ISBN 0-19-853821-9.
Advanced Prolog
Peter Ross, Addison Wesley 1989, ISBN 0-201-17527-4.
Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence
Ivan Bratko, Addison Wesley 1990 (second edition), ISBN 0-201-41606-9.
The Art of Prolog, 2nd ed.
Leon Sterling and Ehud Shapiro, MIT Press 1994, ISBN 0-262-19338-8.
Prolog Programming In Depth
Michael Covington, Donald Nute and Andre Vellino, Prentice-Hall, 1996, ISBN 0-13-138645-X.

More advanced texts:

The Craft of Prolog
Richard O'Keefe, MIT Press 1990, ISBN 0-262-15039-5.

An advanced text dedicated to the proposition that elegance is not optional.

The Practice of Prolog
Leon Sterling (ed.), MIT Press 1990, ISBN 0-262-19301-9.

Each chapter presents and explains a particular application program written in Prolog.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall 1995, ISBN 0-13-103805-2.

A textbook on Artificial Intelligence using Prolog.

Techniques for Prolog Programming
T. Van Lee, John Wiley, 1993.

Computational Intelligence--A Logical Approach
David Poole, Alan Mackworth, Randy Goebel, Oxford University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-195-10270-3.
Natural Language Processing for Prolog Programmers
Michael Covington, Prentice Hall, 1994, ISBN 0-13-629213-5.
From Logic Programming to Prolog
K. Apt. Prentice-Hall, 1997, ISBN 0-132-30368-X.

The author explains the procedural and logical interpretation of Prolog programs, which eases the transition for C programmers.

Tools used in the Quintus Prolog programming environment are documented in these manuals:

GNU Emacs Manual, Version 20
Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation, 1998.
Introduction to the X Window System
Jones, Oliver, Prentice-Hall, 1988, ISBN 0-13-499997-5.

An introduction to programming with Xlib

X Window System: Programming and Applications With Xt
Young, Douglas A., OSF/Motif Edition, Prentice-Hall, 1990, ISBN 0-13-497074-8.

A basic tutorial on writing programs using the Xt and Motif toolkits.

OSF/Motif Series
(5 volumes) Open Software Foundation, Prentice Hall, 1990. The volumes include Motif Style Guide, Programmer's Guide, Programmer's Reference, User's Guide, and Application Environment Specification (AES) User Environment Volume. Editions of these books, available for Release 1.1 and Release 1.2.
The X Window System Series
(8 volumes), O'Reilly and Associates, 1988, 1989, 1990.
X Window System Toolkit
Asente, Paul J. and Ralph R. Swick, DEC Press, 1990, ISBN 1-55558-051-3.

The X Toolkit bible.