load_foreign_executable/1 hookable



Load the foreign executable (shared object file) Executable into Prolog. Relies on the hook predicates foreign_file/2 and foreign/[2,3].


Executable file_spec [MOD]
The shared object file to be loaded.


load_foreign_executable/1 takes a shared object file and loads it into Prolog. If the file contains dependencies on other shared objects/libraries, then these are loaded automatically. For details on how these are loaded see fli-p2f-lfe.

The extension can be omitted from the filename given in the Executable argument.

Uses the foreign/3 and foreign_file/2 facts defined by the user to make the connection between a Prolog procedure and the foreign function. When loading the shared object file, it looks for a foreign_file/2 fact for that file and for each symbol in the foreign_file/2 fact it looks for a foreign/3 fact that gives the name of the Prolog procedure associated with the foreign symbol and the argument specification.

Looks for foreign/3 and foreign_file/2 facts defined in its source module only.

Before calling this predicate, generate the shared object file from object files (and libraries); see fli-p2f-uso.


Errors in the specification of foreign/3 will all be reported when load_foreign_executable/1 is called.


See example under foreign/[2,3]

See Also

foreign_file/2, foreign/[2,3], load_foreign_files/2 fli-p2f