manual/[0,1] development



Displays a menu of the top layer of the manual hierarchy.


Goes directly to the point in the manual represented by Term.


Term term
Either a reference of form word-...-word (e.g. int-dir), or a topic.


The menu brought up by manual/0 gives you a choice among the major parts of the manual (see values of part above). Whichever you select, you will then be shown a menu of chapter titles. When you select a chapter you will see a menu of the section titles of that chapter, and so on.

manual/1 can also be used as a synonym for help/1. If the argument to manual/1 is not a reference (above), then help/1 is called with that argument, so that the following behave alike:

     | ?- manual(Topic).
     | ?- help(Topic).

This predicate is not supported in runtime systems.


To view the text in int-dir type:

     | ?- manual(int-dir).

To look up character escaping, type:

     | ?- manual('character escaping').

This brings up a menu, which contains reference terms enclosed in curly braces. Simply copy the one you want at the prompt.

See Also

help/1 ref-olh