module/2 declaration


:- module(+ModuleName, +PublicPred).

Declares the file in which the declaration appears to be a module-file named ModuleName, with public predicates PublicPred. Must appear as the first term in the file.


ModuleName atom
an atom
PublicPred list of simple_pred_spec
List of predicate specifications of the form Name/Arity.


The definition of a module is not limited to a single file, because a module-file may contain commands to load other files. If myfile, a module-file for ModuleName, contains an embedded command to load yourfile and if yourfile is not itself a module-file, then all the predicates in yourfile are loaded into module ModuleName.

If the export list is not properly specified, there will be a warning or error message at compile time.


At compile time:

Declaration appears other than as the first term in a file being loaded.
ModuleName not instantiated.
PredSpecList is not a list of simple_pred_spec

See Also

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