portray/1 hook


:- multifile portray/1.


A way for the user to over-ride the default behavior of print/1.


Term term


Note that print/1 always calls portray in module user. Therefore, to be visible to print/1, portray must either be defined in or imported into module user. See the reference page for print/1 for information on what happens if portray/1 fails.

If you would like lists of character codes printed by print/1 using double-quote notation, you should include library(printchars) (see lib-abs) as part of your version of portray/1.

If portray/1 is defined, it is called from:

  1. print/1 (default is write/1)
  2. to print the variable bindings after a question has succeeded (default is writeq/1. see QU_messages for full details)
  3. to print a goal during debugging (default is writeq/1. See QU_messages for full details)


See Also

print/1 ref-iou-tou-por