qui -- Quintus User Interface


qui [ +f ] [ +l file ] [ +L file ]

         [ +p [path-name] ] [ +P [path-name] ]
               [ X-window arguments ]
               [ +z users arguments ]


The Quintus User Interface (QUI) is a Motif-based window interface to the Quintus Prolog Development System. It includes a query interpreter window with history menu, a source linked debugger, a help window for accessing the on-line manuals and an edit window as well as an interface to the GNU Emacs editor.


Any argument that does not match options described in this section and does not start with a + is regarded as a user's argument. The user's arguments may be obtained using the prolog command unix(argv(ListOfArgs)). If a user's argument needs to begin with a +, it should be issued as ++ instead or given after the +z option. Double pluses will be translated into a single plus, so the user's code will not see the ++. Arguments beginning with + are reserved for Prolog, and an unrecognized argument starting with a + is treated as an error.

Fast start. The initialization file prolog.ini will not be read upon startup.
+l file
Load the specified file upon startup. file can be a Prolog or a QOF file, and it may be specified either as a string (e.g. file, ~/prolog/file.pl) or as a file search path specification (e.g. library(file), home(language(file))). Note, however, that the latter needs to be quoted to escape the shell interpretation of the parentheses. Giving the extension is not necessary; if both source (.pl) and QOF (.qof) files exist, the more recent of the two will be loaded.
+L file
Similar to +l but the user's environment variable PATH will be searched for the specified file.
+p [path-name]
Print the Prolog file search path definitions that begin with the string path-name (e.g. library if +p lib is specified); path-name is optional, and if not given, all file search path definitions are printed; QUI exits after producing the required output to stdout.
+P [path-name]
Similar to +p, but the absolutized versions of the file search path definitions are printed.
X-Window arguments
Any arguments recognized as standard X options are passed to the X-Window system. Examples of these include -display displayname, -fg color, -bg color.
+z user's-arguments
Any arguments following +z are taken as user's arguments. User's arguments can then be obtained through unix(argv(ListOfArgs)).


Name of the GNU Emacs command. If set, this is invoked as the editor rather than the standard text editor built in to QUI.
Absolute filename for the Emacs-Lisp directories. The default is: quintus-directory/editor3.5/gnu.

See Also

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