ttyflush/0, ttyget/1, ttyget0/1, ttynl/0, ttyput/1, ttyskip/1, ttytab/1


ttyflush Equivalent to flush_output(user).

ttyget(-Char) Equivalent to get(user, Char).

ttyget0(-Char) Equivalent to get0(user, Char).

ttynl Equivalent to nl(user).

ttyput(+Char) Equivalent to put(user, Char).

ttyskip(+Char) Equivalent to skip(user, Char).

ttytab(+Integer) Equivalent to tab(user, Integer).


Char char

Integer expr


For compatibility with DEC-10 Character I/O a set of predicates are provided, which are similar to the primary ones except that they always use the standard input and output streams, which normally refer to the user's terminal rather than to the current input stream or current output stream. They are easily recognizable as they all begin with "tty".

Given stream-based input/output, these predicates are actually redundant. For example, you could write get0(user, C) instead of ttyget0(C).