ProXL Features

This manual is addressed to people who know how to use the X window system, but not necessarily how to program it. For some readers, much of introduction will be familiar. You might want to read those sections that describe features peculiar to ProXL: pxl-bas-attr, pxl-bas-inf, and pxl-bas-tyi-cbk, and then skip ahead to the tutorial in pxl-tut. If you have written programs in Xlib, you might also find pxl-xlib helpful.

X is a very subtle system, and the ProXL manual does not try to document it all. Therefore, it may occasionally be necessary to refer to a good reference on X. A major source of information on X is the X manual for your system. Since X programming is often done in the C language, a good place to turn for detail on some of the esoteric features of X is a reference on Xlib. Another good way to learn about X is to experiment with ProXL.