Color Specifications

Colors are specified in ProXL as color(R,G,B) terms, where R, G, and B are (usually floating point) numbers between 0 and 1 inclusive. Alternately, a color can be specified as an atom naming a color (case is not significant), such as blue or plum, or as an atom of the form '#RGB' or '#RRGGBB' or '#RRRGGGBBB' or '#RRRRGGGGBBBB' where R, G, and B are hex digits. For example, '#05F' would represent a color with no red, 5/15 (or 0.333333) green, and full blue. In put_color and put_colors, Red, Green, and/or Blue in a color(Red,Green,Blue) term can be the atom none, which means that that primary won't be changed in the colormap.

Pixel values are simply integers.