Events that are always selected

This category includes all the events that X11 will send to your application, regardless of whatever you want them or not. Well behaved programs must be able to handle them appropriately.

Mapping Notify Event. The server generates a mapping_notify event when any of the following are changed by another client:

ProXL handles the necessary adjustments to your environment automatically, but you should be aware that it has changed. Specify with:


Client Message Event. A client_message event is generated when clients use send_event, to communicate with your application. Specify with:


Selection Clear Event. The server generates a selection_clear event when a new owner is defined for a property. The current owner of the selection gets this event. Specify with:


Selection Notify Event. A selection_notify event is sent by a client, not the server. The owner of a selection sends it to a requester to announce that the selection has been converted to the appropriate format and stored as a property, or that the conversion could not be performed.

Specify with:


Selection Request Event. A selection_request event is generated when another client requests the selection owned by the window.

Specify with: