draw_text(+Drawable, +X, +Y, +Textitems)
     draw_text(+Drawable, +Gc, +X, +Y, +Textitems)

Draw strings in Drawable, with mixed fonts and flexible inter-string spacing. Textitems is a list of textitem(String,Delta) and textitem(String,Delta,Font) terms, where String is the string (Prolog atom or list of character codes) to be printed, Delta is the number of extra pixels to skip over horizontally before drawing string, and, for textitem/3 terms, Font is the font in which to draw String and any following strings in Textitems until Font is changed again. Text printed after the call to draw_text will not be affected by the call.

Note that this will not print text on multiple lines. This is equivalent to doing several calls to draw_string, possibly with calls to put_graphics_attributes/3 between, but more efficient. There is no similar primitive that is equivalent to multiple calls to draw_image_string.