Other Window Properties

The property(N,V) window attribute is not limited to communicating with window managers. It may be used for attaching arbitrary data to a window. It is important to note that getting window properties is expensive, as it requires a round trip to the X server. However properties are an effective way for multiple applications in separate address spaces to communicate.

As described in pxl-win-atts, the name argument N of a property attribute may be any atom. The value argument V may be a pixmap, a colormap, a cursor, a font, an integer, a pixmap, an atom, a visual term, a window, or one of the following terms:

Describes an arc. See pxl-prim-arcs for an explanation.
Term must be an atom. To Prolog, this is much the same as simply specifying Term, but other applications may distinguish between atoms and strings.
Int must be a non-negative integer. To Prolog this is much like simply specifying Int, but other applications may distinguish between signed and unsigned integers.
Describes a point or position. See pxl-prim-pnt for an explanation.
Describes a rectangle or region. See pxl-prim-rect for an explanation.
As described in pxl-win-wmi-wini.
As described in pxl-win-wmi-wsiz.
As described in pxl-win-wmi-isz.