change_active_pointer_grab(+Displayable, +EventsMask, +Cursor, +Time)
     change_active_pointer_grab(+EventsMask, +Cursor, +Time)

Modify the specified dynamic parameters of a grab, if the pointer is actively grabbed by the client and the specified Time is no earlier than the last-pointer-grab and no later than the current X server time.

Displayable is the ProXL Displayable. If omitted, the default Display is used.

EventsMask is an integer bitmask specifying the events that are selected and should be reported to the client. The valid event mask names are:

The predicate event_list_mask/2 is useful to translate between event mask names and integer bitmasks.

Cursor is the ProXL cursor to be displayed during the grab, or the atom none.

Time is a timestamp in milliseconds (from an event), or the atom current_time.