warp_pointer(+SrcWindow, +DestWindow,
             +SrcX, +\SrcY, +SrcW, +SrcH,
             +DestX, +DestY)

Moves the pointer to the coordinates specified by DestX and DestY, relative to DestWindow's origin. It generates events just as if the user had moved the pointer.

SrcWindow is one of:

A ProXL Window
If the move should only take place if the pointer is currently inside SrcWindow, and in a visible portion of the rectangle specified by SrcX, SrcY, SrcW, and SrcH.
If the move is independent of the current pointer position.

DestWindow is one of:

A ProXL Window
If the final destination of the move is relative to the origin of this window.
If the move is relative to the current position of the pointer.

SrcX, SrcY, SrcW, SrcH are integers that specify the region, if any, inside SrcWindow where the pointer must be prior to the move.

DestX, DestY are integers giving the coordinates of the final pointer destination.

warp_pointer/8 allows a lot of freedom for specifying pointer movements, but its use is rarely necessary because put_pointer_attributes/2 handles the usual cases.