Using ProXT

ProXT is very easy to use if you already know Motif and Xt. If you do not already know Motif and Xt, experimentation with ProXT is an excellent way to learn. There is a wide array of books on the market covering X and Motif. O'Reilly & Associates publish The Definitive Guides to the X Window System, a series of books in the area of the X Window System. For a tutorial on how to use the Motif widget set refer to The X Window System: Programming and Applications with Xt, OSF/Motif Edition (Douglas Young, Prentice-Hall).

ProXT interfaces to Motif2.1 with the X11 Release 6 libraries. The user is expected to use the Motif and X Toolkit manuals when working with ProXT. This document concentrates on providing rules for applying that information to ProXT because the original manuals address the C interface. pxt-exp lists the predicates in ProXT and the types of their arguments. pxt-wid lists the widget resources and their types while pxt-typ lists the data types and their Prolog representation.