The QUI Resource File

By convention, applications developed for the X11 Window System maintain a database of resources. This database is built at run time from application defaults and user preferences.

A resource, in the context of X11, is any customizable data that controls the behaviour and appearance of the application. This includes just about everything: colors, fonts, images, text, titles, sizes, positions, flags, etc.

Quintus ships QUI with a default resource file that defines the "standard" QUI look. This file is located in the directory quintus-directory/qui3.5. This file must exist for correct operation of QUI.

We only document some of the resources that QUI uses. The X resource database provides no mechanism for distinguishing between those resources that can be customized and those that can not. Some QUI resources can be customized while modifying others will break QUI. Therefore, if you modify any QUI resource you run the risk of breaking QUI. We suggest that you only change QUI resources for minor enhancements. We reserve the right to change the format and structure of the resource file in future releases.

If you still want to change resources, do not modify the default QUI resource file itself. Rather, create the file $HOME/Qui3.5, and add the QUI resources you want to modify to it. Alternatively, you can add QUI resources to your existing X defaults file $HOME/.Xdefaults.

Adding resources to either of these files will override the resources specified in the default QUI resource file.

See your Motif, Xt and Xlib documentation for more information on the X resource database format and use.