Invoking Help

The help window allows you to navigate through all parts of the on-line version of the Quintus manual set. This window is displayed using the Help pulldown on the control panel of the QUI Main Window or by calling help/1 or manual/[0,1] (e.g. by typing help(compile).) at the top level. Each Prolog help predicate accesses the manual set in a different way. See qui-hlp-hwm-gto for more information.

If any requests for help are invoked while the help window is already displayed, then this same help window is loaded with the newly requested portion of the manual set that is requested.

Instead of invoking help through the Prolog help predicates, you can use the Help Pulldown in the Control Panel of the QUI Main Window. Each button in this pulldown displays a different part of the manual set:

On Prolog
Displays the menu of on-line Quintus manuals.
Displays the on-line version of this description of the Quintus User Interface.
On This Window
Displays information regarding the main window.