Starting Up QUI

Before starting up QUI, you must be running an X-windows server process on the machine upon which you want QUI windows to be displayed.

To access the QUI facilities, you must invoke a Quintus Prolog Development System executable that has the QUI libraries included in it. See the Quintus Prolog Development System installation instructions for more details on how to install such an executable.

Assuming a Quintus Prolog Development System executable that includes QUI is installed under the name qui, you invoke it by typing,

     % qui

The QUI main window will be displayed on your screen. See the figure below.

To run QUI across local network on a machine called remote and have QUI displayed on a machine called host, you should first issue the command

     % xhost +remote

on the machine host, and do either of the following commands on the machine remote when running under csh type,

     (1)  % qui -display host:0.0
     (2)  % set environment variable DISPLAY to host:0.0
          % qui

Apart from those X resources that you can specify in environment variables you can set X resources in the various X resource database files that are referenced by this Motif application. See qui-ciq for more information.