1. The expression of precedence 1000 (that is, belonging to syntactic category term(1000)) that is written
              X, Y

    denotes the term

              ','(X, Y)

    in standard syntax.

  2. The parenthesized expression (belonging to syntactic category term(0))

    denotes simply the term X.

  3. The curly-bracketed expression (belonging to syntactic category term(0))

    denotes the term


    in standard syntax.

  4. Note that, for example, -3 denotes an integer, whereas -(3) denotes a compound term of which the principal functor is -/1.
  5. The double quote character " within a string must be written twice for every time it is to appear in the string. That is,


    represents a string of one double quote character only. Similarly, for the single quote character within a quoted atom,


    represents an atom whose printed representation is one single quote character.