Dependencies of QOF files

Each QOF file contains a record of all the files, including library files, upon which it depends, that is, for which its source file contains any of the following load commands:

     :- compile(Files).
     :- ensure_loaded(Files).
     :- use_module(Files).
     :- use_module(File, ImportList).
     :- use_module(Module, File, ImportList).
     :- [Files].
     :- reconsult(Files).
     :- load_foreign_executable(File).
     :- load_foreign_files(Files, Libraries).
     :- load_files (Files).
     :- load_files (Files, Options).

Each record is in the form that was used to specify the file in the load command: it may be a relative or absolute filename, or else it may be a file search path specification, such as:

When the QOF file is passed to qld and the -d option is specified, this information will be used to find all the QOF and object files on which this QOF file depends.

Under Windows, a specification of the form:

has a special meaning: qld looks up the import library Name.lib in a directory in the LIB environment variable.