qgetpath -- Get parameters of Quintus utilities and runtime applications


      qgetpath [ -abhqr ] filename ...


qgetpath displays preset parameters defined in the Quintus Prolog executable files, printing the result to the standard output. The executable files specified must be Quintus Prolog utilities, such as qpc and qld, runtime applications built using the Quintus Prolog Runtime Generator, prolog(1), or executables generated with qld(1).

There are five paths, add-ons string, runtime-directory, quintus directory, host type and banner message. add-ons string identifies the Quintus add-on products that are included in the executable. runtime-directory and quintus-directory are used in the executable to find certain files relative to those paths. host type identifies the platform of the executable. banner message is the banner displayed upon the start-up of the executable. The paths except banner message can be obtained through prolog command prolog_flag(path flag, Variable) where path flag is add_ons for add-ons string , runtime_directory for runtime-directory, quintus_directory for quintus-directory, and host_type for host type.


Display the add-ons string in the specified executables.
Display the runtime-directory in the specified executables.
Display the quintus-directory in the specified executables.
Display the host type in the specified executables.
Display the banner message in the specified executables

See Also

prolog(1), qsetpath(1)