no_expose Event

The fields that can be unified in no_expose events are:

  1. type(T) unifies T with no_expose.
  2. serial(S) unifies S with the serial number of the last request processed by the server.
  3. send_event(B) unifies B, a boolean value, with one of

    If the event was sent by another client.
    If the event was sent by the server.
  4. display(D) unifies D with the ProXL Display the event was read from.
  5. drawable(D) unifies D with either the ProXL Window or ProXL Pixmap that was the destination of the graphics request.
  6. major_code(M) unifies M with the name of the graphics request that produced the event . One of
  7. minor_code(M) unifies M with an integer giving the request minor code.