Labels and Messages

The text that QUI displays in all of its buttons, menus and dialogs can be customized by changing the appropriate resources.

To change a button or menu label, look for the labelString resources. For example:

qui*main*commands*interrupt.labelString: Interrupt
Sets the text displayed by the Interrupt button.
qui*main*menuBar*load.labelString: Load...
Sets the text displayed by the Load entry in the File menu of the main QUI Window 1.
qui*qui_window*yesNoProceed*okLabelString: Yes
Sets the text displayed by the OK button in the Yes/No confirmation popup dialog.

To change the text of a message, look for the messageString resources. For example:

qui*main*exitWarning*messageString: Do you really want to exit Prolog?
Sets the message displayed by the Exit Warning popup dialog.


  1. But see qui-ciq-cqr-men before changing QUI menus