Menu Entries

To customize a QUI menu entry there are potentially four resources that have to be changed. These are:

For example, the Frame Up entry in the debugger Travel menu is defined by the following resources

qui*debugger*frame_up.labelString: Frame Up
Sets the text of the Frame Up menu entry in the QUI debugger
qui*debugger*travelmenu*frame_up.mnemonic: U
Sets the single character U as the mnemonic for the Frame Up menu entry in the QUI debugger. This character will be shown underlined in the menu.
qui*debugger*travelmenu*frame_up.accelerator: Ctrl<Key>U
Binds the ^U character to the Frame Up menu entry action in the QUI debugger. Typing a ^U character will be equivalent to use the mouse to select the Frame Up menu entry.
qui*debugger*travelmenu*frame_up.acceleratorText: Ctrl + U
Sets the text to be displayed next to the Frame Up menu entry to show the user the accelerator keys for the command.