History Pulldown

This pulldown contains a dynamic list of buttons, which represent the menus and text that have already been displayed in the help window. Initially this history list is empty. As each new section is displayed, the section that it replaces is placed at the top of this list. If a section that is already in the history list is redisplayed, it is not added to the list a second time. The list contains 10 buttons by default. The number of buttons it contains can be modified through the resource file (see qui-ciq). When more than 10 (or whatever other number of buttons you have specified in the resource file) sections have been viewed, the oldest section is removed from the history list. Each history entry that refers to a menu generated from index entry matches is indicated as such so that there is no ambiguity between it and a section entry with the same name. When you select an element from the history list, that section is displayed and the history list is not changed. When you quit the help window, the history list is cleared.