Misc Pulldown -- Search

Currently the only item in this menu is Search. This button is available when the Help Window contains text rather than a menu. It brings up a dialog that enables you to search the text for a selected string.

Type in the search string.
to find the next occurrence of the string. (Or type <RET>.)
to search to the beginning of the file.
activates wraparound search.
The Search dialog remains on display, preserving its state, until you select Cancel. While it is on display selecting Search from the Misc pulldown will bring the dialog to the foreground.

When a match is found, the matching text is highlighted. A beep indicates that there are no (more) occurences of the string to be found by one search -- forward or back according to which type of search you selected -- of the frame. If Wraparound is on, a beep will be sounded only if there are no occurences of the string in the frame.

Where does it start searching?

Customization is discussed in qui-ciq-cqr-hsr.