The documentation for Quintus Prolog is contained in the Quintus Prolog Manual. This documentation can be accessed on-line by using special built-in predicates, which are described below. These predicates view the manual as a single tree structure with nodes threaded together by cross-references, which you can traverse in order to find the information you need. It is easier to use this help system through the Emacs interface or the Quintus User Interface, but it is possible to do everything without them. For documentation on using the help system for Quintus User Interface see qui-hlp-hlp.

There are two basic ways of getting to information in the help system. The first is via a series of menus, which corresponds to the hierarchy of parts, chapters, sections and subsections in the manual. This method of access is analogous to looking through the Table of Contents sections of the printed document. The second method is by keyword search. This method is analogous to looking in the Index sections of the printed manual. These access methods are described in ref-olh-hlp-sum.