Key Bindings

All of the QUI text widgets have a set of default key bindings to perform certain operations. These are all translations resources.

The value of a translation resource is a set of lines with an escaped new line character at the end of each line, except the last one. Each line associates a mouse/keyboard event with an internal action. For example:

     qui*prolog*translations: #override\n\
             Ctrl<Key>C:  qpinterrupt() \n\
             Ctrl<Key>D:  qpeof() delete-next-character()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>U:  kill-to-prompt()\n\
             <Key>Delete: delete-previous-character()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>K:  kill-to-end-of-line()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>W:  kill-previous-word()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>P:  previous-line()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>N:  next-line()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>A:  beginning-of-line()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>E:  end-of-line()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>B:  backward-character()\n\
             Ctrl<Key>F:  forward-character()

The above sets the default key bindings for the QUI prolog query interpreter window.