Building a Version of Prolog using the Translated Messages

First set the QUINTUS_LANGUAGE environment variable to language. Then re-install Prolog, following the normal installation instructions.

When using qld to build stand-alone programs users will also need to have the QUINTUS_LANGUAGE environment variable set. Therefore, all users who wish to use the translated messages should arrange to set this variable in their .login or .cshrc files.

qpc is itself a Prolog runtime system. Therefore, if it has been installed with English messages it will need to be re-built with messages in the preferred language. To do this, the qpc in the directory (B) should be deleted before re-installation.

     quintus-directory/binversion/platform (B)

In multilingual environments it may not always be convenient to have different versions of executable files for the language spoken by each user. An alternative is for users to put (C) in their prolog.ini files. Provided that they have set the QUINTUS_LANGUAGE environment variable, this will ensure that the messages in their chosen language are loaded whenever they start up an executable that was created with messages in some other language.

     :- use_module(messages(language('QU_messages'))). (C)