Internationalization of Quintus Prolog messages

By default, generate_message/3 sends the message term through the English message generator, messages('english/QU_messages'). The definite clause grammar (DCG) rules in this file transform Prolog message terms into English messages. In addition, the message generator is designed to allow internationalization of the messages printed by the Quintus Prolog development system. You can translate the output of the rules in the message generator into any natural language. To do this, you would translate part of the right hand side of each rule into the target language, e.g. French, to produce messages('french/QU_messages'), which generates French messages from the same message terms. This section explains how to go about providing a translation.

The default is installed as:


To have all messages printed in another language, the basic steps are as follows

  1. Take a copy of and translate all the messages.
  2. Test the translated and then install it in the Quintus Prolog directory hierarchy.
  3. Install or re-install Quintus Prolog to get a version that uses the translated messages.