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Order your copy of SICStus Prolog!

Order your copy of SICStus Prolog!

Ordering SICStus Prolog 4 Licenses

Overview of Licenses
Prices in Euros

License Type Commercial License Academic License Personal License Evaluation License
Multi-User Single-User
License fee 8700 2250 1650 165 n/a
Support fee
from 2nd year
2900 750 550 n/a n/a
#Users 5 1 unlimited 1 1
Right to distribute
yes yes no no
Extended Runtime Library,
per platform
1500 n/a n/a n/a
Source code license Quoted on request n/a n/a n/a
Remarks C, E, G A, B, E, F B, D B
  1. Under the academic license, the user is obliged to license to RISE possible modifications/improvements of the licensed software free of charge.

    Educational organizations holding a supported academic site license have the "Right to sub-license SICStus Prolog to Students" so their students can download the program onto their home computers and laptops. See the Academic License, Exhibit D, for details.

  2. Strictly non-commercial use of SICStus and developed/distributed applications.

  3. The single-user license may not be shared but is transferable. Discount scheme for additional users. Ask SICStus Request.

  4. For academic research and may only be used by original end-user. May not be transferred, nor sold to companies. Update fee equals 2/3 of license fee.

  5. Support is included the first 12 months. Renewal of the support contract each following consecutive year is 1/3 of the price of a new license. Reinstatement of the support fee for a lapsed license support contract is 2/3 of the price of a new license.

  6. Student sub-licensing.

  7. Royalties are due for end deliveries using Extended Runtime Library (REX). Support is available for REX.

How To Order

Please complete all applicable fields. Download information including a time-limited 30 days key for the latest release will be sent to you by email. The message will be sent by If you have a SPAM filter, please make sure that the message is accepted by the filter. We cannot investigate lost messages.

The SICStus Prolog User's Manual is available online from this site and can be viewed and printed.

Before your weborder is processed, you will be contacted by a SICStus sales representative to confirm the details of your order—unless the weborder includes a purchase order number in which case an invoice will automatically be sent. You may include any concerns you have regarding the order in the note field provided below for that purpose. We strive to reply to weborders within 24 hours. A permanent license code is emailed when payment for the invoice has been received. See payment details below.

*Marked items are mandatory.

License Holder
*Organization Name:
*Contact Name:
*Contact Email:
*Contact Address:
VAT number, for legal bodies within EU:
Your purchase order/tracking number:
Note/Question to SICStus Request:
Product Details
*License type:
*License site name:
If your platform is not listed, please contact us.
*Number of users:
End User Reseller
Extended Runtime Library Add-On Student sub-licensing

Payment of The Invoice

  • Payment can be made by wiring directly to our bankers; please contact SICStus Request for details.

  • Domestic payment can be made by giro transfer to Bankgiro number 5283-8125.

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