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Don't Panic!

Don't Panic!

This page contains code examples, tips, known bugs and work-arounds, and similar information which may not be available in the regular documentation. All code examples may be freely downloaded by supported Quintus Prolog customers. Contents:

Using Quintus from C/C++ Executable

Sample code for calling Prolog from a C or C++ application. Download the tarball or browse the source.

Updated Emacs Support Files

The Emacs files in editor3.4/gnu have been updated (2003-04-25). This changes gives compatibility with recent versions of FSF Emacs and XEmacs. It also provides a much simpler way of setting up Emacs to use the Quintus support. Download zip archive or gzipped tar archive. Then follow the intructions in the README.txt file for how to update to the new version. After installation follow the instructions in editor3.4/gnu/REAME for how to make the new files work with Emacs.

Quintus under Windows

There is a separate page with information specific to using Quintus Prolog under Windows.

Known Bugs and Some Provisional Fixes

All bugs are fixed for the next release unless otherwise noted.
  • library(filename) is customized for UNIX even under Windows. If you are using it under Windows, change the following line in filename.pl:
    :- ensure_loaded('filename.unix').
    :- ensure_loaded('filename.msdos').

  • The library(ordsets) predicate ord_nonmember/2 misbehaves. The non-exported predicate ord_nonmember_/3 should read:
    ord_nonmember_(<, _, _).
    ord_nonmember_(>, Item, Xs) :-
        ord_nonmember_(Xs, Item).

  • The Emacs source-linked debugger has two problems:
    1. It breaks down if the current input/output streams are changed.
    2. Temporary files should be created in a temporary directory.
    A patch is located in the download area.

  • Memory management issues:
    1. Failure to run under Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    2. Memory leak in load_files/[1,2].
    3. Potential crashes.
    Patches for Linux and Sparc/Solaris are located in the download area.