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Tools for Quintus Prolog

Tools for Quintus Prolog

Development Tools

Prolog programs do not need to be recompiled to use Quintus Prolog's debugging tools. The standard debugger extends the traditional four port model with additional ports and an extensive set of debugger commands. The advice facility allows a programmer to attach goals to the ports of any user-defined predicate.

The QUI-based and Emacs-based  source-linked debugger include the functionality of the standard debugger but also display the Prolog program being traced.

Quintus Prolog's profiler records profiling data for each Prolog predicate, including built-in predicates and foreign functions: the numbers of calls, choice points created and redos tried, along with each predicate's callers. On UNIX platforms, the profiler also records the time spent in each predicate. This information can be displayed in several formats, or it may be retrieved as a list and displayed in a completely customized way.

Quintus Prolog also has:

  • Prolog cross-referencer,
  • Prolog determinacy checker,
  • consistency checker for Prolog calls to foreign code, and
  • compatibility checker for different dialects of Prolog.