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Quintus Add-On Packages

Extended Runtime Library Add-On

Applications written in Quintus Prolog and destined for end-users must be packaged as runtime systems.

The runtime system, which contains the Quintus runtime library, is a binary program that can be invoked from the operating system; it has a restricted set of built-in predicates and no Prolog top-level.

The Quintus extended runtime library Add-On, in addition to the above restricted set of built-in runtime predicates, includes the compiler. If the application needs the compiler at run-time, a runtime system linked with the Quintus extended runtime library provides that.

There are many packages available<br>for Quintus Prolog

There are many packages available
for Quintus Prolog

ProXL and ProXT Graphical Interfaces

(UNIX only)

ProXL and ProXT provide comprehensive graphical interface programming facilities including support for X-Windows environments including OpenLook and Motif.