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The hard facts about <br>Quintus Prolog 3

The hard facts about
Quintus Prolog 3

Quintus Prolog Feature Summary

Quintus Prolog provides the means to integrate a very powerful Prolog engine in advanced computing applications. It is suitable for commercial applications built by software engineers with experience of Prolog. It is good for applications which require reasoning, search or pattern matching capabilities (e.g. intelligent web applications, natural language and expert system style applications).

Quintus Prolog provides tools for delivering either stand-alone applications or modules that can be linked with code written in other languages to create reliable solutions with Prolog embedded.

Quintus Prolog offers an Emacs-based development environment, interface with support for testing, debugging and optimizing programs and customizable I/O and memory management. Under UNIX, Quintus Prolog offers a graphical development environment, equivalent to the Emacs-based one, and tools for building graphical user interfaces.

Quintus Prolog adheres to the Edinburgh Prolog tradition, while providing modules, stream I/O, and interfaces to X Windows and standard UNIX libraries. Quintus Prolog comes with extensive Prolog libraries.


Summary of Features

  • De facto industry standard Prolog
  • No royalties for distributed applications
  • Consulting and training by Prolog experts
  • Main program need not be in Prolog
  • C/C++ calling Prolog, Prolog calling other languages
  • Data structure inter access
  • Customizable I/O and memory management
  • Discontiguous memory management
  • Sparse memory management (Windows)
  • Machine independent QOF object files
  • qpc compiler produces QOF files
  • qld link editor produces standard object files or executables
Development Environment
  • Standard, text oriented environment
  • Interface to GNU Emacs
  • QUI graphical environment (under UNIX)
  • Windowed environment
  • Hypertext help with access to on-line manuals
  • Extension of traditional 4-port model
  • Emacs-based source-linked debugger
  • Graphical source-linked debugger (under UNIX)
  • No need to recompile for debugger
  • Over 1200 exported predicates
  • Over 200 interfaces to C functions and standard UNIX library routines
  • Over 2MB of Prolog and C source code
  • TCP library provides Prolog predicates for network communication
  • Sample client/server programs in Prolog and C
X Windows Interface (UNIX only)
  • ProXT interface to OSF/Motif and Xt
  • ProXL interface to Xlib